• Image of The Official Cold War Steve 1983 Calendar

The first Cold War Steve Calendar and we believe the very first of its kind, enjoyable as it is in the past, present AND future!

With its patented ‘Same Year’ format this is a calendar for the ages, useable across multiple, theoretical time dimensions. Absolutely perfect for anyone still living in 1982 making big plans for the year ahead and as luck would have it also spot on for those in 2022 as the the two years share the exact same days and dates!

Bonus feature: can also be used 2033, 2039 and 2050!

Complete with 12 new and exclusive Cold War Steve compositions all based on artwork from the year 1983 including all your favourite heroes and villains!

Each calendar comes with a special CWS souvenir 1983 postcard and badge!

Available for PRESALE now - 19.83 (inc P+P)

PLEASE NOTE: these will be shipping from the end of October!

I'm afraid we're still not shipping outside of the UK because of Brexit.